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The Songs Of Karl Broadie

To celebrate and honour a remarkable songwriter, one who left this world too soon, friends and colleagues have banded together to produce Leave On A Light – The Songs of Karl Broadie, one of the signal releases of 2016 and available from November 25th on Universal Music.

Karl Broadie was a much loved and valuable member of the Australian musical community, an expat Scot who put down his roots in the Lucky Country and practiced his artistry to much acclaim and wide acceptance. Karl wrote beautiful, thoughtful songs, and rendered them in his trademark, cracked, lilting brogue, finding a welcoming home within the rootsy, Americana end of the country music family. That family was troubled to hear of his sudden diagnosis of cancer, at the age of 44, and devastated when it took him from us a mere six weeks later.

13782101_10153673669736524_37553452516749744_nThe core group of friends that had banded together to do fundraising concerts during his illness, continued the tribute by producing one of the albums of the year, a special release that features no less than 19 Karl Broadie songs, done by the cream of the Australian musical community. The album features music legends Kasey and Bill Chambers doing the title track, multi award winning acts like Catherine Britt, Dianna Corcoran doing songs they’d co-written with Karl, Done You Wrong and Stranger Coming Home (the latter features a shared credit with American Eric Pasley from that Nashville writing sojourn). Golden Guitar winner Luke O’Shea, and ARIA winner Shane Nicholson both stepping up to brilliantly cover key songs from the Broadie canon, The Fishing Rod Song and Once In Your Life respectively.

13418482_10153562184186524_4550960548996689536_oClose friends like Katie Brianna and Caitlin Harnett, younger singers both mentored and nurtured by Karl over the years, (he considered them his little sisters) got together and recorded Drink The Whole Bottle Down, and industry mainstay Kevin Bennett roped in his superb band The Flood to capture a stinging version of It Lasts. Road warrior Den Hanrahan joined with good friend Adam Young to storm through Karl’s rootsy classic Black Crow Callin’, a song that won Karl the Americana section of the International Songwriting Competition in the mid 2000’s. Harry Hookey, a young songwriter cut from the same cloth as Karl, is featured here live from the Concert for Karl effort 2 days before Karl died, doing a compelling version of the wonderful Long Long Way, and the Americana vibe is effortlessly continued by the combination of Craig Johnson and John Kendall rollicking through Devil By My Side.

13880401_864300370368738_5162291324898548766_nAmong the many highlights we have country leading lights Felicity Urquhart, Amber Lawrence and Aleyce Simmonds all chiming in with gorgeous versions Tears, Country Bound and Only a Moment, all from Karl’s Matt Fell produced album One Million Emeralds. Matt contributed to the album by producing Amber’s track, as well as Jasmine Rae’s stunning ballad, If He Calls and Amali Ward’s beautiful version of Chamomile Days. Multi-talented producer Michael Carpenter chipped in with Aleyce’s production, and also as an artist with a rocking re-working of Stranded, a brilliant track that actually features the original Karl vocal off Karl’s debut album Nowhere Now Here, in duet. Old friend (and husband of Katie Brianna) Alex Ryan, sings the house down with Ride Out Alone, which features a stunning solo from Wilson Picker Danny Widdicombe, another old friend who’s had his own battles with cancer over the years.

14656336_10157588138750646_1665762287072324720_nKarl made sense of the world through the prism of his songs, such was his talent and artistry that he rarely wasted a word and always found a way to imbue his writing with poetry and insight. Karl wrote the poignant See You When I Get There about a friend who died young, his version featured on Nowhere Now Here, and good mate Brett Hunt delivers an unforgettable and heartbreaking version here. He also wrote an amazing song that deals with grief, a central part of the human experience, and that song has given solace to his friends in his passing. It’s called Hope Is a Thief and was written for his mother after she lost her beloved partner in 2015, and its message of comfort and deep humanity is the reason why Karl’s writing is so cherished by his friends and peers.

Leave On A Light – The Songs of Karl Broadie is a special collection, made with love and respect, a collective heartfelt effort to bring to the attention of the wider community the talent of our lost friend, to show the depth of our loss, and to enhance and underline a brilliant musical legacy. It’s an unmissable release in so many ways, and simply an essential addition for any fans of the artists involved and for lovers of great songs everywhere.

Album Credits & Stories about the Songs

All songs written by Karl Broadie, except *

Stranger Coming Home : K.Broadie, D. Corcoran and E.Paslay
Done You Wrong : K.Broadie and C.Britt
Once In Your Life : K.Broadie and K.Richey
Drink The Whole Bottle Down : K.Broadie and K.Richey
Collaborative Project produced by Michael Roberts
Mastered by Glenn Santry at Heartbeat Studios
Album Art by Simone Pain

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