If He Calls



Jasmine Rae

ifhecalls-cover7webJasmine picked this little known Karl gem, released on an EP in 2008 as a collection of bits and bobs called One Constellation, called If She Calls on the original. Matt fell produced again and Beau Golden and Matt provide the perfect minimalist accompaniment for Jasmine’s beautiful vocal performance. Her first performance of it was a showstopper at the second fundraising concert and so it is again here. Jasmine was the first off the mark and released this as a single earlier in the year, showing her love and support for Karl with a song she’s made her own.


Produced & Engineered by Matt Fell @ Love Hz Studios, Sydney NSW

Executive Producer Tim Holland
Mastered by Michael Carpenter @ Love Hz Studios, Sydney NSW
Vocals : Jasmine Rae
Keyboard : Beau Golden
Bass : Matt Fell

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