Black Crow Callin’



Den Hanrahan & Adam Young

karlb_fhotel_smallKarl wrote this song about a time when he was at a crossroads in his life. He was in Scotland pondering what to do and facing a massive life decision, to stay in the UK or build a new life Down Under, skimming stones (“I think I got a seven, might have been an eighter”) when he heard a sound he associated with Australia, a Black Crow, and he took it the universe was sending him south. When he moved away from a pop style in the early 2000’s he crafted the story as an effortless folk-country song that solidified his reputation in the country music community as a songwriter of the first order.


This song won Karl the Americana section of the International Songwriting Contest in 2005, and formed the centerpiece and title track of his second album. When he first played it to me it was one of those moments that you rarely have, when you hear a song so perfectly realized that it is virtually fully formed and timeless from the get go. Another friend said “That’s a song you build an album around”, and he was right. When old friend and collaborator Den Hanrahan was available for our second fundraiser he said he’d play this song, and roped in another mutual friend, Adam Young, to join in. That version went so well that happily Den and Adam agreed to do it again for the album, and we managed to throw in some sly references to the original to boot. A hoot from start to finish.


Produced & Engineered by Micky Blue Eyes at  @ Heartbeat Studios, Sydney NSW

Engineered by Glenn Santry
Den and Matt Recorded by Matt Nightingale
Vocal, Acoustic Guitar and Banjo : Den Hanrahan
Harmony Vocal and Acoustic Guitar : Adam Young
Double Bass : Matt Nightingale
Dobro, Mandolin, Accordion and BVs : Micky Blue Eyes

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