Michael Carpenter (with Karl Broadie)

The first people I sat with to sketch out the project and its viability were producer/musicians Matt Fell and Michael Carpenter. They both generously offered time and talent and Michael also came on board as an artist, appropriately enough as Karl was always encouraging him in this regard. Michael asked to do something lively, “like Dylan in ‘65” and I mentioned this song from Karl’s debut. Michael knocked out a terrific version and then asked me if I still had 13029695_1077858162252563_4200975957645133478_oKarl’s original vocal from the 2002 recording, so I dug it out and sent it across to him. It was eerie to listen to Karl, solo and singing through the speakers, like he was in the next room, and Michael added it to his track and … magic happened. It sounds like they recorded it together in the most fun session you could imagine. Karl’s vocal was a one take demo that we never ‘fixed’, it was great then and it’s great now, and works brilliantly with Michael’s vocal and inspired playing. So cool.


Produced, engineered & mixed by Michael Carpenter@ Love Hz Studios, Sydney NSW

Karl vocal recorded by Glenn Santry
Vocal, Drums, Bass, Guitars, Hammond, Harmonica, Percussion : Michael Carpenter
Vocal : Karl Broadie
Piano : Michael J Roberts
Piano : Michael J Roberts

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