Stranger Coming Home



Dianna Corcoran

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-1-05-32-pmDianna Corcoran shared many a writing session with Karl, and this one is from one of Karl’s Nashville sojourns that also involved the talented Eric Paslay. Dianna moved heaven and earth to get the song done in time, a testament to her desire to pay her respects to a great friend.

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-1-07-38-pmDianna sang a duet with Karl on One Million Emeralds, the effortless Count Your Blessings, a song nominated for a Golden Guitar at Tamworth in 2008, and so has a deep history and shared journey. Stranger Coming Home features a glorious vocal from Dianna and a gorgeous fiddle part from an old Tamworth associate, Luke Moller, now based in Nashville, and Dianna tells me she recorded it how Karl said he always heard it in his head. Now we get to hear it, we can only count our blessings.


Produced By Dianna Corcoran in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Vocals Recorded by Brad Winters
Mixed by Eric Legg
Vocals : Dianna Corcoran
Guitar : Joel Keys
Fiddle : Luke Moller
BVs : Dianna Corcoran and Brad Winters

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