It Lasts



Kevin Bennett & The Flood


dsc04454Kevin Bennett came into Karl’s world during the making of his second album, Black Crow Callin’. Karl and I were huge fans of Kev’s band The Flood, and went to many gigs only to be blown away every time. When we came to this song on the album, Karl suggested we ask Kev (who he didn’t know from Adam) to sing harmony and play the lead break, so he tracked him down and asked! Kev said yes, brought along Tim Wedde to play organ and even fronted for the memorable, original film clip. KB and KB became firm friends from then on, and Kev was the first to step up for the benefit show, and played It Lasts to a very frail and sick Karl from the stage of Coogee Diggers, The Bunker. Karl loved it, and so it was only natural for Kev to reconvene the latest incantation of The Flood to record it properly. The result is a classic, a stunning tribute from one mate to another, flawlessly executed by Kev, the marvel that is Glen Hannah, Killer and Steve. What went on behind the door of Franklin 216 indeed?!



A note from Kevin Bennett…

For those of us fortunate enough to exist in his orbit, Karl was/is a beacon of pure light shinin’ over everyone he encountered in his travels, and I daresay, over many who may have never had the unique pleasure.

dsc03370Karl was/is a travellin’ man and I still hear him blowin’ in the wild, wild winds and in the deep silence of the music within. I can feel him still workin’ like a master craftsman at his art, cos’ in his own words, ‘the silence and the wild winds are hard to tell apart.’

It’s an honour to sing ‘It Lasts’. I’ve loved it since I first heard it and then played guitar and sang a harmony on Karl’s original version on ‘Black Crow Callin.’ It was/is our ‘party-piece’ and now feels as natural for me to sing as one of my own songs.

“Every grain of weepin’ sand knows you’re missin’, yeah but I can’t blame the ocean for you leavin’, for my grievin'”

Karl was/is.

Recorded at StudioGoonga

Mixed by Glen Hannah
Produced by The Flood

Vocals and Guitar : Kevin Bennett
BVs, Hammond and Guitars : Glen Hannah
Bass : Wayne ‘Killer’ Kellett
Drums/Percussion : Steve Fearnley

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