Chamomile Days



Amali Ward

Talented songstress Amali Ward was a good friend of Karl’s, and even sang at his funeral. She happily put her hand up for the project and suggested she sing a song she had recorded with Karl on his third album One Million Emeralds, released on ABC Music in 2007. Multi-talented Matt Fell produced the original version and again stepped up to help Amali reshape it in her image. It’s a seriously good pop production that brings new life to the song when realized from a female perspective. Beau Golden’s keyboards are rich and supportive and the result is a stunning reworking of a fine Karl song, with brilliant vocals and production to match.



A note from Amali Ward…
In 2006, I had just moved to Sydney from Tasmania. I was 18, overwhelmed and barely knew anyone in this new city when my manager at the time suggested I do some writing with a guy named Karl Broadie.
I rocked up to his house in Bondi and immediately felt so welcome. Karl was so warm and encouraging, and made me feel like my ideas were gold. It was exciting, and it was fun. He loved what he did and it was infectious. I was just finding my feet as a songwriter, and for one of my first co-writing sessions, I’m so glad it was with someone as nurturing and beautiful as Karl.

The following year, he invited me to sing backing vocals on a few tracks for his album One Million Emeralds. So many of my favourite songs of his are on that album, but Chamomile Days brings me right back to that time in my life, meeting Karl, who would end up becoming a dear friend, and singing on his album. Recording my version of it took me right back to the joy that I felt when we were creating music together for the first time, and it’s an honour to get to pay tribute to him.

Produced & Engineered by Matt Fell @ Love Hz Studios, Sydney NSW

Vocals and keyboards : Amali Ward
Other Instruments : Matt Fell

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