The Fishing Rod Song



Luke O’Shea

Luke picked this one, a song he had seen Karl make magic with at songwriting retreats where they both mentored young songwriters. Karl wrote it about his beloved brother, Ollie, who regularly used to sag off school to go fishing when they were kids and topped it off with a chorus that doesn’t quit. We surrounded Luke with a choir made up of many people who were significant in Karl’s life, including his sons Oskar and Travis, and the piece perfectly expresses the love and affection with which Karl was held.

536454_409988849070995_913524626_nOn a small side note, I was casting around for an instrument to give the intro some movement and asked Glenn if he had a shaker? He pulled out a small shaker and said “Try this”, I did, knowing that shakers were a hit and miss affair, but it was perfect. He then said “Karl made it”. Gulp. Turns out Karl made it nearly ten years’ prior, a trick he learned when he was a T boy in London studios as a teenager and Glenn still had it. The song needed it and Karl provided



A note from Luke O’Shea…

Karl Broadie – Next Chapter 

Well what do you say? Simply, we humans are not designed to last – which leaves the greatest minds, philosophers and poets to ponder, scratch and prose about the core reason for our being.

What’s it all about? Truth shouts out at us at funerals – no one ever looks back on their death-bed and says they should have worked more, made more money or stayed angry at someone for something truly trivial. History’s greatest teachers and prophets, across all philosophies and religions, try and find new ways to share the same insight to the eternal question, over and over – the purpose of life – is …to love; What is love? Again they answer – Service and passion – and it is through these noble pursuits – that we also inspire others to love.

 Saying this – Karl Broadie was one of the greatest – and most successful human beings I have ever met.

 Through his service and passion – I have witnessed on more than one occasion, the utter soul saturation of Karl Broadie – particularly with his ‘Fishing Pole’ song where his friends, peers and students have physically and glowingly surrounded him with unrestrained joy, laughter, light and love singing together in unison – straight from the heart – all knowing that the moment and his song that we sung was way beyond special – transcending and fleeting – a true gift.

My solace with Karl’s passing is that when a soul has been so successful – inspiring so much love – then perhaps it feels it’s time to move onto the next chapter. 

Despite being so accessible, vibrant and enthusiastic, there was always something older and wiser to Karl Broadie. His calm demeanor, knowing smile, sage and select words, timeless insights and spiritual weariness – were all hard earned – from years and perhaps life-times of experimentation, exploration and endurance. This ancient strength and experience was warmly carried and shared to anyone who would listen – truth – emanating through his words, his unique voice, songs and music. An uncanny master of Bob Marley shamanism – where simplicity and the profound – deliriously and deliciously combine.

The craft and wicca of songwriting fascinated Karl and his dedication and devotion to his art was equaled only by his love and dedication to friends and family. 

He will be greatly, greatly, greatly missed by all who knew and naturally loved him. 

See ya – if I’m lucky enough to get there.

unnamedsssDawn at the DAG Sheepstation in Nundle – he liked this photo. Karls Golden Guitar moment! …well it’s Pete Denahy’s GG that he brought along to the Gympie Muster to share with the punters at a very impromptu (and late) gig that we did for the volunteers in Tent City. It’s a great memory as we were all taking turns holding the highly coveted trophy high above our heads with everyone going berserk, cheering and laughing – one of those moments – and this is Karl’s!

Produced & Engineered by Micky Blue Eyes at  @ Heartbeat Studios, Sydney NSW

Engineered by Glenn Santry and Nick Payne
Lead Vocal, Guitar and Harmonica : Luke O’Shea
Drums : Smilin’ Greggy G
Bass : Murray Cook
Pedal Steel : Graham Griffith
Acoustic guitar, Shaker and Tambourine : Micky Blue Eyes

Choir: Travis Jenkin-Broadie Oskar Jenkin-BroadieMarni Jenkin, Ella Engler, Justine MoyleJustine WahlinMags StewartIlona BrooksJohn ChesherMatt ThomsonCraig ThomsonBill DonohoeDianne ForsythTaryn Jane La FauciOtto Arocha Jr.Simone PainAlex RyanKeith ArmigerPeter Skip Beaumont-EdmondsLyn Taylor and Zoe Taylor.

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