Ride Out Alone



Alex Ryan (with Danny Widdicombe)

13178590_10153540134769080_2789927507878053444_nAlex Ryan was one of Karl’s oldest mates, and even though he’d stopped working as a singer/songwriter to pursue other goals, he stepped back to pay tribute to Karl in the best way possible. Alex chose a beautiful song off Nowhere Now Here, a delicate meditation on a relationship break up. I deliberately opted for a minimalist palette to showcase Alex’s glorious vocals and asked Karl’s good friend Danny Widdicombe (Wilson Pickers) to play the solo, which is delivered with poise and taste. Danny worked with Karl and me at Universal Music for years, and played on Nowhere Now Here. Alex toured England and Scotland with Karl and me in 2005, so it’s a fine thing they could collaborate here – I couldn’t be happier with the result, underpinned by a tasteful Murray Cook bass line into the bargain. Karl was the king of subtle repetition, usually with a twist or play on words, and he cuts to the core here with the superb couplet “The only difference in me, is the difference in you”.Brilliant.


Produced & Engineered by Micky Blue Eyes at  @ Heartbeat Studios, Sydney NSW

Engineered by Glenn Santry
Vocals : Alex Ryan
Guitar : Danny Widdicombe
Electric Piano : Micky Blue Eyes
Bass : Murray Cook

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