Long Long Way



Harry Hookey

Karl had a soft spot for Harry Hookey, a young songwriter cut from the same cloth and raved long and loud about Harry’s talent. When I organized the Rooty Hill concert I asked Harry if he’d sing Long, Long Way from Black Crow Callin’, a personal favourite of mine and one Karl and I played together so often. Harry immediately agreed and delivered a performance that was a highlight on an unbelievable day, so full of emotion and chargedmaxresdefault with beauty and relevance. It spoke so eloquently of why Karl’s music works in a simple format, one guy, one guitar and a killer song, that I simply had to use that recording for Harry’s track here. Karl and Harry co-wrote another gem, You Can Count On Me, a song Harry performed with Kasey Chambers later in the same show, Volume Two I hear you say?


Recorded Live at Rooty Hill RSL, April 17, 2016.

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