Devil By My Side



Craig Johnston & John Kendall

Another song where Karl weighs up the good side of his nature versus the bad, “Devil by my side, why else would I go cheat on you”? He does it in such a lighthearted way that the darkness of that sentiment is completely subverted – that’s the art of great songwriting. Good mate and fiddle demon12189379_10153780895225739_8581084985463011863_o made the trek from Melbourne to play the Coogee benefit, bring Craig Johnston with him to play for Karl. I offered them a spot on the record to honour John’s long association with Karl and suggested this song would suit, and the lads did not disappoint. Cameron Mackenzie pulled off a superb and rocking acoustic production and they even roped in old friend Matthew Breen to help on backing vox, Karl would be smiling, as are we all.


A note from Johnny Kendall…

dsc_0006-1-copyWhen Ol Mate Craigo and I went into the studio to record Karl’s “Devil By My Side” we had no idea of how to properly honour our beloved friend. I had gout in my bowing wrist and was in a brace, Craig had just done a zillion gigs the week previous, and I was worried. How fortunate that one of my best mates Matthew Breen (who I met through Karl 12 years ago) decided to come along, and not just sit in the back of the studio, but sing some harmonies as well as help us out on the hand percussion!! Dead set, it was like our wee Scottish Vegan was in the room, urging us on. With the guidance and tuned ear of Cameron McKenzie, organising our band of misfits as well as nailing the guitar first take… I believe we captured the spirit of our late dear friend. Please get yourself a copy of this record… it helps Karl’s boys, and it may just help you make sense of this horrible illness that took our great mate, as it does so many people, to early and to often. Love you Karl Broadie, and thanks for being such a huge part of my life brother.

Recorded by Cameron McKenzie at Station Place

Vocals : Craig Johnston (Delsinki Records)
Fiddle and Vocals : John Kendall
Guitar : Cameron McKenzie
BVs : Matthew Breen

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