Done You Wrong



Catherine Britt

Karl and Catherine wrote this a few years back, and did this beautiful demo of the song, but never proceeded beyond that. The song fully showcases Catherine’s mastery of Americana, and is aided by a lovely Karl production where he provides a delicate canvas on which Catherine adds a jaw dropping vocal. Catherine13103508_1074516985961515_3702939337117854790_n starred at the second fundraiser at Rooty Hill and was the first to volunteer her talents for this album, so it was with some joy that she finally found the perfect home for this recording. Her involvement is doubly poignant, not only being a good friend of Karl’s but also having battled and survived cancer herself, she sings her heart out here, the only song on the album to feature a Karl production. Priceless.


Produced & Engineered by Karl Broadie

Vocals : Catherine Britt
Other Instruments : Karl Broadie

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