Only A Moment



Aleyce Simmonds

unnamed-10_origAleyce signed on for the album in a heartbeat, after being key in making the third fundraiser at The Dag in Nundle, a great success. She had spoken to producer Michael Carpenter about the possibility of doing a bluegrass type song and I suggested they tackle this beauty from One Million Emeralds. Karl wrote it as a tender goodbye to a relationship, one that puts newly severed ties into a cosmic, universal perspective, no blame and only appreciation for “a moment of light”. Typical Karl writing, poetic and insightful, effortless and elegant.

Aleyce sings it like an angel and Michael even manages a mandolin to give it a blue-grassy ambience (well spotted Michael – when Karl and I played it live I would dust off the mandolin!). Aleyce released it as a single in October, a precursor to its appearance here and a great tribute to Karl at every level, full and warm vocal surrounded by a fine and tasty production.


 Produced, engineered & mixed by Michael Carpenter@ Love Hz Studios, Sydney NSW

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