Only A Moment

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Aleyce Simmonds Aleyce signed on for the album in a heartbeat, after being key in making the third fundraiser at The Dag in Nundle, a great success. She had spoken to producer Michael Carpenter about the possibility of doing a bluegrass type song and I suggested they tackle … [Read more…]

Once In Your Life

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Shane Nicholson The ridiculously talented Shane Nicholson found time in an insanely busy schedule to perform at the third fundraising concert organized by Karl’s friends Aleyce Simmonds and John Krsulja, and Shane chose this choice Kim Richey and Karl co-write from Karl’s 4th album, Branches. He then turned … [Read more…]

If He Calls

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Jasmine Rae Jasmine picked this little known Karl gem, released on an EP in 2008 as a collection of bits and bobs called One Constellation, called If She Calls on the original. Matt fell produced again and Beau Golden and Matt provide the perfect minimalist accompaniment for Jasmine’s … [Read more…]

Black Crow Callin’

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Den Hanrahan & Adam Young Karl wrote this song about a time when he was at a crossroads in his life. He was in Scotland pondering what to do and facing a massive life decision, to stay in the UK or build a new life Down Under, skimming … [Read more…]

Drink The Whole Bottle Down

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Katie Brianna & Caitlin Harnett A couple of weeks after Karl’s challenging diagnosis we gathered at The Bunker for an evening of songs to support Karl in his fight. It was only natural that two incredibly talented and lovely young singers should team up and sing him one … [Read more…]


Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Michael Carpenter (with Karl Broadie) The first people I sat with to sketch out the project and its viability were producer/musicians Matt Fell and Michael Carpenter. They both generously offered time and talent and Michael also came on board as an artist, appropriately enough as Karl was always … [Read more…]

Stranger Coming Home

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Dianna Corcoran Dianna Corcoran shared many a writing session with Karl, and this one is from one of Karl’s Nashville sojourns that also involved the talented Eric Paslay. Dianna moved heaven and earth to get the song done in time, a testament to her desire to pay her … [Read more…]

It Lasts

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Kevin Bennett & The Flood Kevin Bennett came into Karl’s world during the making of his second album, Black Crow Callin’. Karl and I were huge fans of Kev’s band The Flood, and went to many gigs only to be blown away every time. When we came to this … [Read more…]

Chamomile Days

Buy Now on iTunes     ________________________________________________________________ Amali Ward Talented songstress Amali Ward was a good friend of Karl’s, and even sang at his funeral. She happily put her hand up for the project and suggested she sing a song she had recorded with Karl on his third album One Million Emeralds, released on ABC … [Read more…]

Leave on a Light

Buy Now on iTunes     ________________________________________________________________ Kasey & Bill Chambers   Who better than to tackle a beautiful, old timey country waltz than music greats Kasey and Bill Chambers? Obviously the title song had new resonance once Karl passed away, and after Kasey graciously stepped up to headline the second benefit concert we ran … [Read more…]