Tamworth CMF 2017

Letter To An Absent Friend Dear Karl,                 So I went to Tamworth (stop laughing) I know you know it’s not my favourite event, but I wanted to promote our tribute album so I took one for the team. Di came too, and rode shotgun in the passenger … [Read more…]

Hope Is A Thief

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Micky Blue Eyes (with Kasey Chambers)   “If you ever need a feather, one that dances and plays upon the breeze”  – Karl Broadie   This song means a lot. Karl wrote it in 2015 for his mother Margaret, who sadly lost her life partner, the lovely Alva, … [Read more…]

The Fishing Rod Song

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Luke O’Shea Luke picked this one, a song he had seen Karl make magic with at songwriting retreats where they both mentored young songwriters. Karl wrote it about his beloved brother, Ollie, who regularly used to sag off school to go fishing when they were kids and topped … [Read more…]

See You When I Get There

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Brett Hunt This song is a key entry in Karl’s catalogue, from Nowhere Now Here, a gorgeous creation from a time where Karl had to sadly farewell a friend who died too young. There was only one choice to tackle such a relevant and apposite song, Karl’s good … [Read more…]


Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Felicity Urquhart Felicity Urquhart, another of Karl’s good friends was the obvious choice to give a fresh take on one of his sweetest songs, one he co-wrote with the lovely Melanie Horsnall, Tears. Happily, she accepted the brief and didn’t have to look far to find a brilliant … [Read more…]

Ride Out Alone

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Alex Ryan (with Danny Widdicombe) Alex Ryan was one of Karl’s oldest mates, and even though he’d stopped working as a singer/songwriter to pursue other goals, he stepped back to pay tribute to Karl in the best way possible. Alex chose a beautiful song off Nowhere Now Here, … [Read more…]

Country Bound

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Amber Lawrence Amber Lawrence is one of Australian country music’s leading ladies, and I was touched and happy to hear her volunteer for the project to honour her friend. She nominated a bouncy gem from One Million Emeralds, Karl’s ode to a ‘tree change’, Country Bound, and roped … [Read more…]

Long Long Way

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Harry Hookey Karl had a soft spot for Harry Hookey, a young songwriter cut from the same cloth and raved long and loud about Harry’s talent. When I organized the Rooty Hill concert I asked Harry if he’d sing Long, Long Way from Black Crow Callin’, a personal … [Read more…]

Devil By My Side

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Craig Johnston & John Kendall Another song where Karl weighs up the good side of his nature versus the bad, “Devil by my side, why else would I go cheat on you”? He does it in such a lighthearted way that the darkness of that sentiment is completely … [Read more…]

Done You Wrong

Buy Now on iTunes     _____________________________________________ Catherine Britt Karl and Catherine wrote this a few years back, and did this beautiful demo of the song, but never proceeded beyond that. The song fully showcases Catherine’s mastery of Americana, and is aided by a lovely Karl production where he provides a delicate canvas on which Catherine … [Read more…]