Leave On a Light – The Legacy of Karl Broadie is a dedicated to the work of the Scottish ex- pat singer/songwriter who sadly passed away in Sydney at the age of 44 in April 2016. The site is administered by friends of Karl, with the permission and support of Karl’s family and estate and is determined to keep his wonderful musical legacy alive.

Karl was a prolific songwriter, producer and mentor who had a massive impact within the workings of the Australian musical community after he settled in Sydney in the late ‘90’s. He made several fine albums and was a respected and awarded musician who had friends and fans in many places around the country.

Leave On A Light will eventually be a resource for all of Karl’s work, but for the first phase we’ll concentrate on the efforts being made by his friends to make sense of the tragic loss by releasing a tribute album of the same name. (Leave On A Light – The Songs Of Karl Broadie)

Karl was a poet and a dreamer, from a long line of artists, writer’s, painters and philosophers and his deep humanity and artistry touched everyone who worked with him, everyone who knew him. It explains the outpouring of love and respect for him from his colleagues and peers and informs the raison d’etre of this site, he was a special human and we are determined to remind a wider audience of just what we lost when Karl passed away.

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Vale Karl Broadie, we love you, we miss you – See you when we get there.

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