Leave on a Light



Kasey & Bill Chambers


Who better than to tackle a beautiful, old timey country waltz than music greats Kasey and Bill Chambers? Obviously the title song had new resonance once Karl passed away, and after Kasey graciously stepped up to headline the second benefit concert we ran for Karl, she jumped at the chance to be involved in the tribute album. I offered her the title track because I knew she’d do an unforgettable version, and roping in her Dad on guitar and harmony vocal was inspired. Bill was a good friend of Karl’s they shared a dream of remaking a Steve Earle album together, El Corazon, track by track. One of those great “what if’s” now that Karl is gone. Karl wrote this song about “shagging yer ex… don’t go there” he’d often grin before we played it live, and we put it on his debut album as the closing song. It’s become something of an anthem now, closing many a songwriter’s night at The Bunker room in Coogee where Karl ran a songwriter’s night for nearly 3 years.


Produced & Engineered by Kasey & Bill Chambers at The Boneyard

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