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Concert for Karl – 17th April 2016

21st August 2016 by Michael Roberts

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be a rousing, “get better soon mate, we’re all with you” moment, a fund raiser organised to help out a sick friend. Things changed. Having been overtaken by tragedy has meant some time has elapsed between the Concert for Karl and this meandering musing, but first some context is in order…. back, baby, back in time. Read more…


21st April 2016 by Michael Roberts

Friends of Karl,

It is with an ineffable sadness that I write this, but as many of you know Karl slipped away quietly in the wee small hours of the morning, 19th April, 2016.. He held on against all odds, barely 30 hours after the amazing concert we had for him on Sunday, an event that won’t be forgotten by anyone who was involved. He kept us waiting a little while longer, choosing to soak up the love and positive energy, to use it as fuel for his ride into the stars. We sang him across the great divide. While his last guitar chord has faded, and his gorgeous cracked tenor voice will not grace our stages again, his legacy and influence will resonate for decades. Cancer took his body but it can’t take his spirit, so to all of you who joined in the support for my beautiful brother in song and dear friend I say thank you so much. Karl was a singular soul, a true poet with a heart as big as the bright blue sky and a nature so open and giving that it endeared him to everyone he met. My heart is broken, I’m all cried out, but the level of response from everyone here (and from so many others) to Karl’s plight is a testament to the humanity and decency that exists in the musical community, and in his wider life.

The story does not stop with Karl’s final bow, as his friends will be working over the coming months to ensure his legacy and make sure his estate is able to look after the needs of his two beautiful sons, Travis and Oskar Jenkin-Broadie. To that end we intend to produce a feature documentary on his life, finish off a posthumous album, produce a tribute album with other artists doing his songs and compile a Best Of album, called Here, Now Where?

Karl Broadie has left an indelible mark in his short 44 years on this planet, but he’s left us with more love in it than when he arrived. That’s the measure of the man. He passed with incredible courage and dignity, pure class to the end, something that won’t surprise anyone who knew him. He faced eternity with a calmness and serenity that was inspiring and humbling to witness, and his beautiful spark will continue to burn in the many singer/songwriters he nurtured and mentored. Good bye my beautiful friend and thanks to all who gave him comfort in the leaving.

Our sympathies go to his family, particularly to the UK branch, to his wonderful mother Margaret, who raised such a gem of a person, his gorgeous partner Rachel, who gave everything and more to him during his final days, and his two fine boys, Oskar and Travis, and their mum Marni. Words are unable to capture the depth of our sorrow, but Karl’s musical poetry speaks to us and heals the pain in so many ways, and through his songs he is singing in our hearts forever.

love to all

Micky Blue Eyes

“There is a light that never goes out”.


What’s this about?

Listen to Long, Long Way and you’ll hear our much-loved friend Karl’s sweet, broken voice softly crooning, “I think I called you and you came.”

Now Karl’s not the kind of bloke to call for help, but he’s been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, so we’re doing it for him. We’re calling on you – his friends and fellow music lovers – to join us and support our boy in his time of need.

You can help Karl now by:

  • Making a donation – funds go directly from this site to Support Act to help pay for Karl’s treatment and expenses
  • Buying his music – an antiquated, unusual, yet effective method for supporting a musician
  • Showing up – to one of the benefit shows we’re organising in Sydney
  • Writing – send Karl a message of support, we dare you!
  • Volunteering – contact us! we need all hands on deck

Join us as we support Karl and see him back fighting fit and crooning softly with that cheeky smile again.

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  1. Ben Trevor

    I’ve only just found this magical man, two months too late. I can’t believe this story – I found his podcast this weekend and couldn’t wait to make contact with him. Damn shame – what a guy. His words are all the more poignant now. Big love to all who supported him to the end. X

  2. Kate Naylor

    Hey Karl.
    I don’t know you personally but You sound like a beautiful man with A very loving nature.

    Thank you so much for believing in and supporting our mutual friends.
    Thinking of you and your family at this time xx

  3. Randall Bezuidenhout

    Today i’m attending your Concert at Rooty Hill,we have not met ,i’ll be there honouring a request by my good friend Lloyd Miles Hendrix ,USA.
    I wish you all the best and strength in this battle ..

  4. Meryl

    Just thought I’d drop in to say that I’m thinking of you and Rachel, and sending you all the biggest blessings I can muster!

    Love you!

  5. Melissa Daley

    We are thinking of you Karl and wish we could do more to make your difficult journey easier… Wrap yourself up in all the love you are receiving to give you strength to keep fighting… Sending our love and positive thoughts your way… love, light and more love to you Karl and to your beautiful Rach and children…
    Mel and Simon xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Rachel Webster

    Hello Karl Broadie,

    I’ve been staring at you awkwardly on and off all day while you sleep just in case you slip into your super hero costume and fly out that window to do more good in the world.

    I love you.

    Your girlfriend,

    Rach xxx

  7. Andrew

    Wishing you well Karl, I always think of “Black Crow Callin’ when I’m thinking of you, knowing you have so many more songs, it’s the one that resonates with me, so I’m just going to purchase some more of your music now. We all love you and thank you so much for the music that you produce, it doesn’t go unlistened, you have my support at all times. ?

  8. Ian Russell

    Subject: Volunteering – Helping Out in Any Way

    Hello Karl,

    Mate I live in Tamworth and was privileged to catch you a few years back
    out at The Dag with Luke O’Shea.

    For a couple of years after that, I fought to overcome the ravages of
    the Black Dog that almost took my life.

    I’m a fan of your music but also you as a person whom brings a lot of
    powerful peaceful vibe to those around you.

    I know John Krsulja and Luke very well. I have started a small business
    (ido business services) If required mate, I can
    do anything from building websites, social media management through to
    Ghostwriting and just about anything in between.

    I would love to be apart of your journey back to full health……if you
    or your team need anything done give me a shout out.

    Peace Mate.

    “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is
    reality.” John Lennon

  9. Jodie Heaton

    Big love and good karma to you – love conquers all!!! May my small gesture assist you on your journey. Much love J xxx

  10. Carolyna Lovely

    We’ve not met. I don’t know your music (yet)…. But I’ve heard nothing
    but wonderful things from artists you have supported and mentored and
    given a hand up to… I will buy you cd to help support you in your time
    of need, and hope one day, when you’re feeling better, that you’ll grace
    our stage and I can appreciate the live show and the man, even more than
    the impressive legend.
    To your good health, kind Talent.
    Carolyna Lovely

  11. Ingrid Schraner

    Hi Karl,
    I just heard about your situation when Adam Young and Katie Brianna sang
    an Encore dedicated to you – all the very best for you and your family
    in this challenging time!
    I remember when I was 13 and my mum was diagnosed with uterine cancer,
    it was a terribly hard time for all of us, while she was in hospital and
    afterwards, when she was home again but too weak to get up.
    Now I’m well in my 50s and mum is pushing 83…
    Sending you lots love and strength!